In the Land of the Blind, the One Eyed Man is King

About Us

In part, we tell the world who we are, our interests, thoughts and likes with the ubiquitous, all-purpose T-Shirt. Look ! This is what I think! Groucho would like to help you make your statement.

One-Eyed-Groucho offers a wide-ranging, eclectic mix of Original Designs and Themes; a virtual reality of uniquely designed T-Shirts that will appeal to a broad swath of the planet Earth. We choose to be a "Jack of all Themes", rather than a "Master of One", believing that diversity of thought is more interesting. While you may not like them all, we hope that you'll particularly love the one design that we chose with you in mind.

Within this context, we'll entertain the Universe of subjects and ideas in order to please you, and yours. We look for intelligent, interesting, and sometimes challenging or provocative subject matter to include in our catalogue. We aim for the High Road, avoiding argumentative, adversarial or antagonistic themes. We'll keep it light, believing that few choose to wear life's turmoil on their chest.

Only at Groucho will you find the spirits of Alfred E Neuman, Nietzsche, Mick Jagger, Shakespeare, Pee Wee Herman, PopEye, Aristotle, Elvis, and more, all sharing the same stage. When you join in, it's a Party!

It remains our goal to offer you a high quality, original product that you'll be glad to own and wear for many years to come. Please let us know if we've been successful in our mission.

Come join the Groucho Movement.